IoT Projects

In-situ Algal Sensor

Maker: Dr. Clayton Williams, Dr. Mindy Morales-Williams, Anna Chaffee, Abby Hodson and Jess Sheridan.  IoT Conduit support by AJ Rossman, Eric Hall and Dr. Joe Rossabi.  

Purpose: Develop low-cost, non-invasive sensors for monitoring algal blooms in urban, waterfront setting.

Technologies Used: Spectroscopy, Microcontrollers, LoRaWAN

Status: Project in design 

Member Supporters: UVM Office of VP of Research

IoT Plant Watering using Soil Moisture Sensor

Maker: Seth Rossman, Jr. Apprentice 

Purpose: Send a text message notification when soil water content is too low and plant watering is required. 

Technologies Used: ESP8266, IFTT webserver, SMS, WiFI, soil moisture sensor, relay

Status: Working prototype completed

Seth Rossman Apprenticeship

Safe2Swim Web App

Maker: Inu Labs

Purpose: Bring transparency into what is going into Lake Champlain’s water to determine if it is suitable to swim.

Technologies Used: LoRaWAN, Python

Status: Initial design completed, build out in progress.  Looking for early adopters

IoT Smart Building

Maker: VT IoT Conduit

Purpose: Make over 20 Internet-connected technologies interoperable using an IoT architecture at 12-22 North co-working space

Technologies Used: MQTT, Python