What is an IoT Conduit?

An IoT Conduit is a concept which brings together industry, technology, research, community and professional partners together to accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions for solving today’s pressing problems through intentional collaboration.

Technology demonstrations and vertical response will be the focal points to bring partners together.

Vermont’s IoT Conduit will be managed from the working technology laboratory at 12 North Street in Burlington, Vermont. This hub is an existing smart building that has been integrating renewable energy and advanced metering for over a decade. The conduit will connect technologies to buyers and technical resources through a marketplace.

The vision of VT IoT Conduit is to coordinate IoT resources inside and outside Vermont to build the prototype for a Smart City Center by using the state as a living laboratory. Inspired by smart city initiatives like Chicago’s Array of Things the VT IoT Conduit leverages Vermont’s collaborative spirit to build out smart city concepts.

Once a smart city has been prototyped, it will be time to reach out to other communities to build other IoT Conduits. 

Who We Serve

The goal of the conduit is to energize the Vermont tech ecosystem by leveraging the collaborative and early-adopting culture of Vermont businesses, non-profits and higher educational organizations. Technology and Research partners of the IoT Conduit can:

  • Use the connection to high-speed fiber and city-wide wireless sensor networks at the IoT Conduit to connect smart devices together.
  • Take advantage of the innovation community partners, such as Generator maker space, to create and fix devices and test rigs.
  • Network with industry partners in key verticals to understand the marketplace and sell products to early adopters

A key component of the IoT Conduit is a series of vertical receptions hosted throughout the year. Vertical receptions will bring partners together in an informal setting to see working IoT demonstrations, discuss industry-specific problems and needs, and figure ways to collaborate. This allows technology partners to explore their applicability in other vertical industries quickly, and at minimal cost. The IoT Conduit will focus on the following five verticals:

  1. Utilities and Smart Facilities
  2. Water Quality
  3. Agriculture
  4. Smart Manufacturing
  5. Healthcare