Professional Partners

Professional Partners

A Centralized Hub for IoT Professionals to Stay Current and Connected

If you are a technology professional wanting to stay in the loop of the evolving IoT landscape, get more experience in new tech while doing public good, and maybe even making a couple extra bucks on the side, you may want to be an IoT Professional Partner. 

  • Keep up to date with emerging technologies while making local impact
  • Clearinghouse of IoT funding opportunities with sustainability-related goals
  • Access to IoT Conduit Lab
  • First-hand support with climate-tech pilot testing projects

The IoT Conduit enables Technology, Community and Industry partners to hire vetted professionals for technical IoT services.  Professional Partners have access to not only IoT technology, but also the people and organizations looking to contract domain experts and provide an opportunity to work on projects with shared interests. 

Professional Partners are expected to volunteer their services for their membership in the IoT Conduit Professional Partner Program while learning. This work not only helps Vermont meet its environmental goals through better open data, but also helps build a portfolio to show to Industry Partners.  Current IoT Conduit public good projects include LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor Network, groundwater quality monitoring, traffic, energy sub-metering, wildlife corridor and storm-water mitigation applications. We are also open to your own smart city application.
Membership in the IoT Conduit requires $2K per year in bartered services at the market rate for the services provided for internal (non-sponsored) projects. This gives you access to other professionals working on projects with shared interests and helps lower the expenses of maintaining the IoT Conduit Professional Services Hub. 

The IoT Partnership includes, but is not limited to:

  • Professional development opportunities: access to projects and professional help in your field

  • Exclusive networking events through our partners community

  • Hands-on work on sustainability-related goals with a local impact
  • Promotion via website and newsletters
  • Access to IoT Conduit Lab

In exchange, the IoT Conduit needs your expertise in a variety of Smart City initiative projects. You will be expected to:

  • Volunteer service focused on furthering the IoT Conduit missions and partner pilot testing in your field for approximately 20 hours / year
  • Help IoT Conduit stay current with skill sets and improve Burlington’s environmental stewardship