Professional Partners

A Centralized Hub for IoT Professionals

The IoT Conduit enables anyone wanting to hire vetted professionals for technical IoT services. Membership gives you access to the people and organizations looking to hire you and provides on opportunity to work on projects within our shared interests. 


  • Facilities Access Discounted Access to 12-22North Co-working
  • Website Link Internal Page Included
  • Access to Projects Get Access to Projects in Your Field
  • Specialized Educational Programming
  • Exposure to New Ideas
  • Exclusive Networking Events and other opportunities within our Partner ecosystem


  • $2000/year of bartered services

Membership in the IoT Conduit includes $2000 per year in bartered services at the market rate for the services you provide. This gives you access to projects within our shared interests and helps cover the expenses of maintaining the IoT Conduit Professional Services Hub.