The IoT Conduit Team


AJ Rossman

Managing director

AJ created the IoT Conduit concept out of desperation in making cities smart enough to clean their water, improve energy supply resiliency and address other urban challenges as development marches on.  He has started several emerging technology startups and has property managed a green building for 15 years. 

Professional Partners

COMING SOON .  We are currently accepting Professional Partner Applications for 2020.  More information and a link to the application here

Past Apprentices

Benjamin Schorn

Barrett Scholar

A recipient of the 2018 Richard Barrett Research Scholarship at UVM, Benjamin researched smart city applications in water, traffic and wildlife corridors for the Cambrian Rise ‘smart neighborhood’ concept.  He prototyped a traffic sensor for use in the BTV waterfront LoRaWAN wireless sensor network.


Seth Rossman

Junior Apprentice

Seth is a python hacker that prototyped a plant watering application on the waterfront LoRaWAN network as a Sophomore at the Burlington Technical Center.  

Seth Rossman Apprenticeship

Adrian Burnett

Adrian apprenticed as an Environmental Studies major in the Reubenstein School at UVM. He learned the ropes as an office manager including updating the website and automated marketing tools.