Coronavirus Safety Station

Since being shut down since March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the IoT Conduit, located at 12-22 North in Burlington, has been diligently working towards new solutions. Given we are a testbed for Smart City technologies, we acted in the way we know best – test new tech using pilot prototypes.

The IoT Conduit has been working with Vermont entrepreneurs to test some Internet-of-Things technologies that will be integrated into our all-in-one COVID-19 safety solution. The technology will include automated member check-in, thermal cameras and sensors for detecting social distancing and occupancy, and indoor air quality and abnormal temperature detection. The monitor will be the main element of the physical enclosure of the kiosk, which will also include  visual displays of the current risk status of the building. The IoT Conduit is actively seeking partners for green cleaning supply packages.

The whole solution is interoperable, low-contact, and customizable for specific buildings’ needs. We are launching this product locally in Vermont to aid the state in a safer and faster reopening process for schools, health centers, and any large commercial buildings. 

Read more about the AI camera and Smart Room sensor technologies we’re developing with infiSense and StreamLogic here

Free standing kiosk prototype at 12-22 North