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We’ve added key part-time Professional Partners to get moving.  Time to welcome Jason Grignon, Eric Hall, Benjamin Schorn and Seth Rossman to our team:

AJ Rossman | Founder and Testbed Manager

AJ cooked up the IoT Conduit concept out of desperation in making cities smart enough to clean their water, improve energy supply resiliency and address other urban challenges as development marches on.  He has started several emerging technology startups and has property managed a green building for 15 years.

Jason Grignon | Operations Lead
Jason leads project management and operations at IoT Conduit. He joins us with over 20 years of experience in project lifecycle management as an independent consultant and manager at Capgemini Supply Chain Group. Jason brings a commitment to planning, tying long-term vision to reality and brings a work smarter attitude to every project. He holds a BS in Management Science, Decision Support Systems.

Eric Hall | Technical Lead
Eric has started as a technical, joining us with 20+ years of experience as a software engineer. Eric will be providing IT support for ongoing and future projects. Currently, Eric is leading implementation of a LoRaWAN network for group traffic, water, traffic, and wildlife monitoring. He holds a BS in Geology and MS in Managing Innovation and Information Technology.

Benjamin Schorn | Visiting Barrett Scholar, University of Vermont
Currently in his junior year of civil engineering studies at the University of Vermont, Benjamin will be producing a webinar on smart cities, water quality, and wildlife. A recipient of the 2018 Richard Barrett Research Scholarship, Benjamin will also be facilitating additional smart city research, including the development of a groundwater flow model to mitigate environmental impact of development on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Seth Rossman | Junior Apprentice

Currently a sophomore at Burlington High School, Seth is working an a number of IoT implementations at the Conduit.  He is a python hacker learning what he can about other technologies.  He is currently developing smart stormwater containers.

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